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HEMMSFEMME Fitness Influencer: Rachel Doell 

We are turning up the heat this holiday season and introducing you to another one of our favorite Hemm femmes.  Rachel Doell is a wife, mother, and fitness goddess who is changing women’s lives all over the country. We recently got to dig a little deeper into Rachel’s world and get our monthly dose of inspiration.

Name: Rachel Doell

If you had to give yourself a job title what would it be?

Household CEO, Masters of PHD in Patience and search and rescue leader of small plastic Lego for little people. I’m also the owner, operator and creative director of

How would you describe your philosophy about food and eating well?

I believe in healthy relationships with our food. Whenever we start adding labels, restrictions, or negative thought patterns around the things we are consuming we put our bodies at risk of stress and improper digestion. When we focus more on consuming fresh and nutrition rich foods are bodies naturally change there eating habits without introducing stress into the process.

Tell us about your journey thus far and how you were able to turn your passion into a career!

My passion and desire to get into the fitness and health industry started when I was diagnosed with Hypo-thyroidism. I was told I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life, be extremely strict with my food, suffer exhaustion, infertility and the list goes on. I refused to settle for this negative report on my health and went back to school. Over the past 9 years I have developed a intense passion and heart to see woman’s lives changed by helping them break the mold or bondage they allow to take over their physical and mental health.

"The greatest compassion for someone’s story comes when you have walked the same road."

This passion and drive started Daily Routine Fitness and is what will make us great. We care about people and inspiring their lives through movement and health.

What does your typical day look like?

Wake up with a four year olds feet in my face and a two year old sleeping on my head. My shirt is crusty from breastfeeding and I have bags under my eyes haha. We whip together a quick breakfast, pre school drop off, I hit the track or a class with Addy, go to whatever meeting I have booked that day (Adelaide is my adorable 5 month old assistant;) pick boys up from school. We start quiet time and I work on blog posts, articles, or plan photo shoots for up and coming projects. Head to park, whip up dinner, bed time for kidlets, catch up with the husband and back to website work for a few hours.

You are a mother to three beautiful young children. How do you manage to find balance and ensure you find time to maintain your own fitness regime?

I think one of the best things to let go of is structure or balance when your kids are young. Life and their development changes daily! We roll with the punches in this house. Some weeks I have time to hit up fitness classes or training sessions daily and some weeks I’m working out in my pj’s while my kids play under my feet or on top of me. These little lives are the most important thing in my world. So I often let go of my personal wants to see their little faces light up when I get down to play and enjoy them. But I also know being healthy is the most important gift I could give them! So I squeeze my fitness in whenever I can and I make it happen! 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Whatever it maybe for this week it will happen. But I love the easy weeks!;)

What is your one go to fitness secret?

Lift weights and less cardio. I do intense cardio 2x a week for 20 minutes along with my weight training. I don’t have time for hours of cardio and I hate it.

What are your “must have’s” when it comes to work out apparel and accessories?

The perfect to and from outfit paired with cool mom sneakers. This way I can look/feel great while working out and don’t look like a mess in meetings or at school pick ups.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration and motivation from?

From my clients stories and seeing my children watch and mimic my habits.  We all know that health and fitness isn’t simply about working out …. Its also about eating well, stress management, getting enough sleep, and finding balance in your life.  

What is your:

Sleep routine?

I don’t get much at this point in motherhood but what I stay true to is always getting a couple hours in before midnight. The best sleep for our bodies and brains happens before midnight. If I can get into bed at a good time I’m a different person for my family and clients.

Workout you can’t live without?

Oh this is tough! Probably bootcamp. Shut the brain off and sweat

Way to distress?

Running or yoga

Skin and beauty regime?

I swear by Zero Xeno products. They are clean and keep my skin healthy and moist.

Can’t live with out food?

Green juice. I’m addicted

You are obviously very toned and fit… what are your biggest suggestions for women looking to change their lifestyle?

Less is more.

"Think powerful and intense when you workout."

Don’t waste hours on the treadmill or machines. Free weights, burpies, hill sprints and sweating are your friend.

I hope you all enjoyed getting a quick glimpse into Rachel’s life! She is rocking Olympia activewear from our e-boutique. Click here to shop Rachel’s look. For more information on what Rachel does or to follow along with this fitness queen you can follow her on Instagram @Dailyroutinefitness

Photo Credit: Rebecca Siewert 

Follow her on Instagram @_rebeccasiewert



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