5 Ways To Master Your Fitness Revolution

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5 Tips to Master Your Fitness Revolution:

You’ve got health goals, so now what? How do you achieve them? We’ve yet to discover a magic potion that works, however, we do have tested tools you can use to make kick-ass progress and stay on track throughout your fitness journey.

Plan to succeed. Without a plan it becomes all too easy to miss a workout or prioritize the wrong things. Set aside time to decide what your ultimate goal will look like once you’ve achieved it and from that, create small actions to carry out daily, weekly, monthly to make it happen. Review, celebrate(!) and adjust as you progress. 

Make determination your new middle name. You will experience setbacks. Life happens. It’s how you handle these challenges that will change the game. Determine ahead of time that you will recover quickly and move forward towards reaching your fitness goals no matter what comes up, staying true to your original intent.

Fitness Revolution Journal

Keep a fitness journal. Record what workouts you did when and how you felt during/after. Reflecting on your week and seeing your fitness successes increases your positive self-motivation. In addition, you will be able to see which workout routines are giving you the results you want. 

Keep a food journal. Abs start in the kitchen.  You could have a six-pack but if there is a layer of, dare we say; fat over your abs you’ll never be able to see it! Studies have shown that people who keep a food journal are more likely to stick to the plan and reach their goals. Record your calories at each meal; it’s a great way to see where you might be consuming unnecessary calories so you can course correct. Healthy eating and fitness go hand in hand. Plan your meals for the week, snacks included, and shop and meal prep on one or two days to save time and stay on track when your busy week starts to take over. 

Sign up for a challenge. This is a great way to kick-start a fitness routine and increases your social accountability. Your commitment becomes concrete and you have a support system that will celebrate your sweaty successes and help you through challenging times. 

Remember; trust the process. Celebrate victories no matter how big or small and take time to reflect on feelings of accomplishment. Thrive on the knowledge that you are doing good for your body and that happiness in this area will translate into every other area of your life. The workouts might not get easier, but seeing  the results will make it worth it!

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