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Can the color of your run tights push you to go that extra mile? Favorite sports bra cause you to turn your resistance up a notch in spin class? Studies indicate yes, color can have an impact on fitness performance. And we love this news! We’d be crazy to disregard a tip that could boost our workouts and justify adding a colorful pair of tights to our wardrobe, so let’s talk color and which ones are best suited for different activities.

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Reading up on Pantone’s color of the year selection process indicated that color choices aren’t necessarily random trend forecasts; instead they act as emotional solutions, reactions to what is occurring in the world. (Interestingly, 2016 is the first year to have two Pantone selections on the throne, shades of blue and pink, a hint at equality? According to Pantone, yes, it is.) Designers create lines with a mood and inspiration in mind, using color to set a theme or tone. Why not utilize this same idea when getting dressed for a workout? Colors can be perceived as an expression of attitude, as a result this can have an impact on how those around you perceive you and respond to you. This hot fashion tip can be useful for instructors and participants alike.

Color Trends

So what mood does each color reflect? The top pick for working out is orange. It’s said to provide an energy boost, reflective of enthusiasm and stimulation, which makes sense, as it’s the perfect combination of passionate red and joyful yellow. According to a Huffington Post article, research indicates that orange’s energizing effect can stimulate increased oxygen supply to the brain and as a result cause an increase in brain activity. If you’re heading to a high energy HIIT or spin class, activewear in shades of red through yellow are your best bet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, shades of blue and purple tend to have a relaxing, calming and soothing effect, a good choice for a yoga class perhaps. Grey is said to inspire passivity, indifference, and decreased energy (50 shades anyone?!), a color an instructor might want to shy away from. Studies have also shown that brighter clothes are not only energy boosters but indicators of high self-esteem and confidence as well.

To back this colorful theory up, in a recent blog post, one of our #HEMMSFEMMES Tish of Train with Tish said “I find when I show up in my funky bright stuff (activewear) I get a little more energy from the person I am training”. Reflecting on the days you wear bright clothing to workout, do you strut into class a little sassier, work a little harder? Studies aside, feelings attached to a color can also be related to personal experience. Say you had red bike growing up, you fell off of it and broke your arm, you may have an aversion to the color red today.

At the end of the day, we say wear what makes you feel great! However, don’t be afraid to try something new, you might surprise yourself!

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