Hack: Creating Balance That Fits Into Your Life

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You are calm, confident, relaxed.  In control of every aspect of your life.

Then you wake up.

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Balance. A state of being we often crave, a state of being that can often elude us. Entrepreneur, CEO, household manager, no matter what the job title is, women are beautiful and busy creatures. We run households, run companies, run errands, nurture relationships and make sure our kids and spouses make it through the day happy and in one piece. A lot of people depend on us yet in order to be fully present and productive for others, we need to stay sane and find balance. But how? And when?

There is no lack of information out there about how to lead a balanced life. So which of it is right, what advice should you follow? What balance truly looks like for you is a great place to start.

The dictionary defines balance as “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” We often perceive balance as everything being even: spending equal amounts of time at work, with our family and friends, on our hobbies, working out, etc. With life throwing curveballs at us daily, even hourly, how is this definition of balance achievable? Maybe it’s not. Removing the idea of symmetry, try replacing it with an understanding that there will be ebbs and flows. One day you will spend more time in one area and less in another. Eliminate the tension that can build from a perceived unequal distribution of time spent and lean in to the subtle readjustments you will intuitively make to restore equilibrium.

You will naturally course correct if you have tools that allow you to check-in. Listen to your body; trust your gut. Our bodies react to what goes on in our mind. If you tense up when making a decision about allocating your time, this could be a trigger that you are not making the best decision for you to feel balanced. Set a new direction and check-in, did your shoulders relax? Brow unfurrow?

Set goals for how you spend your time. The 80/20 rule is an excellent tool. In business, it states that approximately 80% of the results will come from 20% of the work. Consider how spending 80% of your time on your most valued goals will impact your life. Does it create business opportunities for you? Free up more time with family and friends? Have a positive impact on your health and wellness? Every decision you make, ask yourself, is this supporting my most valued goal(s)? Take time each week to reflect: “Where am I spending 80% of my time? How is it working out for me and my desired state of balance?”

It’s all great advice, however it’s turning this knowledge into action that will truly change the game. Every step makes a difference no matter how big or small. Start by believing you can achieve your desired state of balance more than you don’t and use this belief to create momentum. Test out these tools to see what works for you and move forward from there!

~xo Oil & Grain for HEMM

Photo Credits: Alo Yoga

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