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Simple and Effective Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Spring is the ultimate season for change. The time changes (anyone else still trying to catch up from that?), trees begin to bloom and there’s even a unique freshness in the air that signals ‘winter is over, go put away your Canada Goose’. If you’re like me, you take off your winter jacket one day, hang it in the closet not realizing it may be the last time you wear it and curse it the entire summer for being in the way of accessing your favorite yoga tank. Not anymore. Tackling closet cleaning and organization, here are a few tips for a somewhat painless purge of items crowding your closet.

Closet Overhaul // HemmsFemmes Blog

For those of you who know you need to clean out your closet but can’t bear to part with anything immediately due to something along the lines of FOMO, place a different colored hanger (or tie something around a hanger you’ve got that stands out) at one end of your closet, at the far left side for example’s sake. Then, as you wear items, hang them back up on the opposite side of the colored hanger, in this example, you’ll hang them on the left side of the hanger. After a few weeks or a season, whatever you choose, have a look at where the hanger is at. If there are pieces on the right side of the hanger that you couldn’t ‘bear to part with’, part with them. You aren’t wearing them anyways.

*Tip, as you place pieces on the other side of the hanger, place them with ‘like items’, jackets with jackets, tanks with tanks, so that your closet stays organized and easy to navigate.

If you’re an ‘everything in it’s place’ type of gal and can’t stomach the thought of moving your clothes around, a similar method is to hang all of your hangers the same way, when you wear something, put it back on the hanger but have the hanger face the opposite direction. Any hangers that have not been turned around clearly aren’t your favourites.

A similar method for items in drawers (ahem, your activewear maybe?) is to place a piece of cardboard – I used one of those floppy, thin, plastic cutting boards from Ikea, at the top of your folded items, each time you wear something, place it on top of the cardboard/cutting board. Anything that is left underneath it after your chosen amount of time is likely something you can get rid of.

If you prefer a more ‘rip-off-the-band-aid’ method, simply ask yourself the following questions and split items into 2 piles, yes’s and no’s:

Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

Does it still fit?

Is it my style?

Would I buy it if I saw it in a store today?

Is it in good condition?

Keep the pieces in your ‘yes’ pile and donate/sell/toss the items in your ‘no’ pile based on their condition.

Use the same level of discretion when going through your activewear as you would with your office attire. When you look good you feel good and that little boost of positivity/feeling like a stylish babe can motivate you to do that extra set or go that extra mile. When going through your workout clothes, check for elasticity – especially with your sports bras, smell, wear or thinning of fabric, piling, etc.

De-cluttering your closet can feel liberating and refreshing, take an afternoon, get it done and afterwards, reward yourself with a new pair of leggings you love to replace the pair from 1996 that you just tossed.

P.S. If you really want to up your drawer organization game, check out tidying expert Marie Kondo’s method for folding shirts.

~xo LDLF for Oil & Grain

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