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A Day In The Life of Mom/Studio Owner/ Wife/Entrepreneur/ Jilaine Beddoe // Junction9

Heading to Junction9 Yoga & Pilates this weekend (Friday April 29th from 10am-2pm & Saturday, April 30th from 10-4pm) for a pop-up, we were mesmerized during the planning process at how incredible their studio space, clients and owners are. We had to know how these women do it, so we asked Jilaine Beddoe to take us through a typical day…

Jilaine Bedoe // HEMMSFEMMES Blog // Junction 9 Studio

Jilaine: I am currently identifying with the following hats: mom, wife, entrepreneur/small business owner, Jill of all trades, and sometimes a total disaster ;)

So this is Monday.

6am: Wake up. With a two and a half year old I haven’t used an alarm clock in two and a half years. Mornings now sound like “Mama, wake up!” being yelled from across the hall. My husband Owen is up at 5:30am so its all me in the mornings. I get her out of her crib, wake up our house opening all the curtains and blinds and turning on lights and the kettle. I am a routine hot lemon water drinker first thing. Have been since being pregnant with Natalie. Then, the first ‘checking of the email’ commences.

6:15am: An early morning walk or run with the stroller. I have not been able to get a 'regular' class or weekly sweat-date into the routine, so Natty and I start our day together with fresh air.

7am: Breaky and Paw Patrol. We've been loving Deliciously Ella at the moment. We work with Natalie’s allergies to find healthy and tasty alternatives to dairy, wheat and eggs and this brand is perfect for us both. I am trying to be gluten and dairy free. It’s challenging to break old habits and routine however it’s getting easier over time.

8am: Grammo (our Gramma blending with my moms name Mo) to the rescue, we have both Owen’s and my mom look after Natalie. Owning our own businesses and being able to count on our parents to help and support us as we build and grow is so amazing! It’s great for Natty to have such a close connection to family so young as well. Second email check.

8:45am: Quick morning routine, I usually feel rushed so its a blessing that owning and teaching at a yoga studio requires athleisure attire most days, or I should say “accepts” that attire. I am pretty low key; bronzer, mascara, and if I have 5 extra minutes I do my hair, otherwise topknot! I get to the studio (Junction9) between 9-9:30am depending on errands, bank, hair-ties, and flowers for the studio.

9:30am: First coffee! A decaf almond milk latte. No dairy, and decaf. I cannot handle caffeine, I stopped drinking it when I was pregs with Natalie and could never handle the caffeine after that. It’s great though, our studio coffee bar has a sweet espresso machine and we are all trained by Phil & Sebastian coffee roasters so the decaf is the best I’ve had in the city!

10am: Run reports and go through numbers from the previous week.  See if there are holes, developments and areas that I need to focus on. Stress momentarily about opening a business while having a family then snap out of it and continue to succeed at doing something I love everyday.

10:30am: Back to the TO DO list. Reply to email, try not to eat chocolate before noon, figure out the rest of the week. Check in with my mom about what they are getting up too and hopefully she'll send me a photo or video of my daughter.

11am: Lock myself in the office with my business partner so we can get to our workday uninterrupted before the noon class starts arriving. She is back in the studio two days a week from maternity leave with her 9 month old so it’s our day to connect, catch up, and fill each other in on what we have been working on.

1pm: Emerge for lunch. Bite or Café Gravity are close so we usually sneak out for a quick snack, I would love to say that I am planned and prepped enough and pack my lunch but I figure eating homemade breakfast is a win, I will work on lunch next month...

1:30pm: Social media meeting, planning upcoming weeks. I have been told countless times, work on the business rather than in the business... easier said than done.

4:30pm: Head home.

6pm: Dinner. Owen heads off to his workout and Natalie and I do Monday nights together <3

6:30pm: Bath time. Natalie and I have done this together since she was a baby. It’s a sweet check-in time, a few more laughs and a song before bed. She is just learning the potty so that is also now part of our pre-bath routine. Our potty plays a song when used correctly, I never in all of my life thought a plastic potty singing would make me so happy and break into a dance with my toddler!

7:30pm: Stories and sleep for our little bear. Owen and I head downstairs for some quality time (with Netflix). We just finished House of Cards. Sometimes the laptop comes down for a little extra work – odds and ends and schedule things but we truly make an honest effort to let the last hour and a half before bed be us time. Even if it’s just a cuddle on the couch.

9pm: Up to bed. Owen passes out pretty quick; I take time to unwind and fall asleep. One last email check. I am a natural night owl, I could comfortably stay up and work until 2 or 3 am – I am actually super creative and productive late at night! Potentially because I have the time and space to clear my head, but it doesn't work so well when my personal alarm is set for 6am the next day ;)

If you haven’t fallen in love with Jilaine after reading this, you will at her class. Find her on the schedule at Junction9.

Be sure to follow @junction_9 on instagram and sign up for their email to stay in the know about workshops, events and all things yoga + pilates.

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