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We’re lucky enough to be travelling to Edmonton this weekend to partner with two fantastic local businesses. We’re hosting a pop-up shop at Poppy Barley’s showroom from 10am - 4pm on November 4th and 5th and offering you a FREE morning rowing or spin class at Hive Fit Co on Nov. 5th! Two birds one stone, sweat it out at Hive Fit Co and earn yourself an exclusive $25 discount code from Poppy Barley and a 10% discount to HEMM to be used at the pop-up that same day. In other words, it’s going to be a 3 F weekend (fitness, fashion, fun)!

Let’s talk about Hive Fit Co. Downtown Edmonton’s newest fitness boutique they offer a badass line-up of classes to #makeyousweat. Their vision is to offer Edmontonians a place where they can get a really great workout, be inspired, and in turn inspire others. Even if you walk in having had a crappy day, you’ll strut outta there day turned around feeling like you are valued and a part of something important because… you are! One of our favorite things about Hive is that they firmly believe that the energy in a room full of like-minded individuals is something that could truly change the world, and that’s exactly what they’re doing, one sweaty class at a time.

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Another thing we love about this new Jasper Ave. studio is their instructors! We did a quick Q & A with them to get give you a peek at how they fuel their workouts, find out what’s in their gym bags, and where you’ll find them in Edmonton when they’re not at the studio!

What’s your go-to snack to beat afternoon “hanger”?

Dried figs with almond butter on top. So good. ~Tiffany Cimolai, Yoga Instructor

You're on your way home from the studio, where do you stop for coffee/tea/matcha?

Remedy Cafe on Jasper - 1/4 Sweet Almond Chai is my go-to. ~Jess Brown, Row Instructor

You just finished a sweat-filled morning class, where do you go to refuel?

District Cafe and Bakery is the perfect spot for a strong Americano and a strong start to your day. Plus, no one can resist the smell of those cinnamon buns early in the morning! Erin Hamilton, Yoga Instructor

What do you love about Edmonton’s fitness scene?

The community. The businesses and people are so full of heart and show their support for each other. I truly don’t think there are a lot of places like it. ~Lara barBre Baker, Owner/ Instructor

How do you prepare for class?

I download my playlist from Spotify and jam all the way from St. Albert to the back alley of Hive. I sing, I practice my cueing and I dance. I always have a Lara bar in hand to fuel my body with what it needs before sweating it out on the bike for 45 minutes. ~Kennedie Wolosyn, Cycle Instructor

Guilty pleasure?

Just one? Grey’s Anatomy and of course a good ol’ burger with fries. ~Taryn Wolosyn, Row Instructor

If you could pick one workout to do everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would be yoga; it has so many variations to it. Meaning I could have a strong physical practice or a gentle restorative practice. ~Dani Parkes, Yoga Instructor

What is your favourite part about being a cycle instructor?

Getting to be in a space with people where the outside world can disappear. You get to know your riders and they get to know you in such a unique way and it's just the best kind of relationship! ~Lauren Ruggiero, Cycle Instructor

What’s in your gym bag?

I've got my spin and cross fit shoes, a post-workout shake, Kevin Murphy hair product just in case, and a little candy bag! ~Tegan McGraw, Cycle Instructor

What would clients be surprised to know about Hive Fit Co.?

Coming in we hope you get the vibe that we’re one big happy family, because that’s exactly what we are behind closed doors too. There’s no better feeling than getting to work with the people you love. Raquel Da Costa, Row Instructor

What are some of your styling hacks so that you can fit everything into your busy day?

Simplicity and layering in all of my attire so that following an early morning sweat, it's easy for me to get dressed and run to work. Jane Sevick, Row Instructor

Want more Hive? Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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