Easiest 2018 Fitness Trends To Adopt Now

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Breathe // HEMM Vibes Blog

With each new year comes new trends in almost every realm and fitness is no exception. We’ve toured the net to find out what we can expect in 2018 and have selected the ones that are easiest to implement ASAP.

DNA testing to determine your body’s ideal workout

Your body composition may mean one type of workout will work better for you than another. Same goes for your diet. Food sensitivities could be impacting your health goals and your workout routine might be preventing you from reaching peak performance. We haven’t done it yet but it sure has peaked our interest!

Exercising with family

Studios like Crew Club Athletics are offering family classes where adults and kids can workout together in a fun environment. We love this one because all the feel good endorphins you get from working out will be associated with time spent with your family plus it helps build healthy habits in kids. What could be better!

Activewear in soft tones

Alo Yoga, Varley and Body Language are already starting to mix in pastels and lighter shades. Classic black will always be in style however it’s going to have to play second fiddle to softer shades this spring. Pale greys, seafoam green and blush tones are being paired with both snug and loose silhouettes. We like this feminine twist by activewear brands and can’t wait to rock it the new colors and styles!

Soft activewear // HEMM Vibes Blog
Alo Yoga Activewear // HEMM Vibes Blog

Bringing the studio into your home

Several well known boutique fitness gems are live streaming their classes or creating online workouts specific for those of us who can’t access their classes or prefer to workout in the comfort of our own homes. The best part? It’s incredibly affordable. You can get the best in fitness in your living room for less than you’d pay for a trip to the studio.

Everyday health rituals that keep your body and mind energized

Google says searches for self-care are 25% higher than the previous year. A break from the stimulation of technology is just what the doctor ordered. Think time spent in an infrared sauna, walking your favorite trail with a friend, reading a book, taking your pup to the dog park, doing an at home facial, the options are truly endless. As long as it doesn’t involve technology and makes you feel good it’s perfect.

Wearable technology in class

Tons of us already have some form of fitbit and studios are noticing. Some are choosing to implement their own technology in class where clients can track their performance and results. For the rest, don’t wait for them to catch on. Set goals for yourself that you can track and monitor on your own wrist and watch how quickly you’ll be able to cross them off your goal sheet!

Wearable tech // HEMM Vibes Blog

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