Five Stretches To Reignite Your Energy At Work

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girl stretching on floor

We’re all familiar with the 2pm wall. Sometimes it creeps up, sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks. The best way to beat it is by releasing tightness in your body and increasing blood flow. Self-care is important; being mindful of how your body is feeling throughout the day will allow you to resolve any issues that start to crop up before they become magnified.

Our necks, back and hips take a beating sitting at a desk all day. The first three stretches below focus on finding space in these areas and the last two moves do double duty releasing tension and getting your blood flowing. Whenever you need a boost of energy or need to get back into a good workflow take 5 to do the following:


Tilt your head to the right; pull your left shoulder down and away. Repeat on the opposite side.

Bring your head back to center and slowly let your head drop forward. If you need more of a stretch in this position, place your palms at the base of your skull and pull down gently.

Seated Twist:

Sitting in a chair with your legs uncrossed, feet on the floor, facing forward take a deep breath in and on your exhale twist to the right making sure your hips are still facing forward. The twist should come from your spine and belly. Use your left hand for leverage, press your palm against the outside of your right leg. Watch that you don’t strain your neck trying to twist your head to the right, only turn your head as much as your torso has twisted, no further. Each time you exhale, twist a little bit deeper.

Repeat on the opposite side.


Sit in a chair, legs uncrossed, feet on the floor. Lift your right leg, cross your right ankle over your left knee – so ankle or just above your ankle rests across your left knee. For more of a stretch start to hinge forward from your hips.

Repeat on the opposite side.

*Hold each position for approximately 5 breaths.

Wrist Rolls:

Sitting or standing, roll your wrists in towards each other. Start with 10 slow rolls followed by 30 quick rolls. Repeat rolling your wrists out in the opposite direction.

Shoulder Rolls:

Standing up straight roll your shoulders forwards. Do 30 quick little rolls followed by 10 bigger, exaggerated, slower rolls. Repeat rolling your shoulders backwards.

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