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Eating before a workout is equivalent to putting gas in your car before a girls-only road trip. Fuel = performance. But what do you eat? First things first, hydration is key. When planning your pre-sweat meal make sure to include a good dose of H2O. Next, a mix of carbs, protein, and fats is your goal; figuring out what the ideal combination is for you is, well, up to you!

Speaking to a professional experienced in nutrition is our number one recommendation; they can help you determine what works best for your body and lifestyle. When determining what to chow before your workout, it’s important to consider how much time you have between eating and getting your fitness on and how aggressive your sweat session is. If you only have 15-30 minutes before a scheduled workout, choosing a small snack that is easy to digest is smart. In addition, your 6am spin class will likely require more energy (fuel) than your 9pm yin yoga class.

We’ve asked 5 YYC fitness femmes to give us some pre-sweat fuel ideas, read on to find out what they use to power their sweat sessions!

Karleen Samson // Studio Revolution Fitness // @karleensamson

Karleen Samson // hemmVibes Blog Image

“Having a good breakfast with protein is key for me to stay full for the day (anything with eggs fosho!). But what gets me through a workout comes with a backstory; throughout high school and University I was known to ALWAYS carry a small jar of peanut butter with me everywhere and put it on anything or have a spoonful just 'cuz. So now I'll have almond or peanut butter with an apple or banana for that little bit of pre-sweat sesh energy. I'm also hooked on Lolo Bars. Made locally here in Calgary, they're clean, delicious, and just enough.”

Sydney Guevremont // Maven // @themavenlife

Sydney Guevremont // Maven // Hemm Vibes Blog

“I try to eat at least 1.5 hours before a workout. I’ll have some lean protein (chicken or fish) as fats digest much slower and some veggies in addition to some type of carb (sweet potato or grain). I want something that is going to give me fuel for my workout and not be flopping around in my stomach while I train. If I miss that window and it’s closer to my workout, I’ll have rice protein powder (my favorite is Iron Vegan) and water in a shaker cup, chugging it, gracefully of course, on the way to the gym.”

Dione Setoguchi // YYC Cycle // @dioneseto

Dione Setoguchi // Hemm Vibes Blog

“Avocado toast on either multigrain bread or an English muffin. In addition to avo, I like to top it with one serving of hemp hearts for protein and salt and pepper. I also take glutamine before class to support muscle recovery and BCAA’s during class to prevent muscle breakdown and keep my energy levels up!”

Amelia Hradsky // YYC Cycle // @ameliahradsky

Amelia Hradsky // Hemm Vibes Blog

“The Sweat Life is almost as glamorous as it appears on Instagram, but the parts that aren't are the moments when you catch yourself stuffing your face with pre-teach snacks while sitting at red lights. (Are there laws against this too?) My personal go-to is a piece of fruit/berries, with a Texas size portion of almond or cashew butter. Actually, almond/cashew butter with a side of berries... if I must give up all my ratio secrets. It's satisfying, has the simple carbs I need to kick off class and a little protein to make it last.”

Jill Galarneau // Cyclepath // @jgalarneau11

Jill Galarneau // Hemm Vibes Blog

“My answer to all life’s questions is peanut butter toast – haha! To get specific, every morning I have Kraft Natural Crunch PB on some type of delicious seedy bread from Cobs (thick cut always) and my Nespresso coffee with steamed almond milk. I also have recipes I keep on hand all the time for quick bites, this Peanut Butter Banana Bread is one of my current favorites!”

There you have it HEMMSFEMMES, some ideas to kick start your day and fuel your workouts from some of Calgary’s finest fitness females.


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