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We keep hearing about game changing Flawless by Friday, a Canadian skin care brand who not only focuses on empowering inner confidence but is also creating skin care solutions using state-of-the-art technology. Notice we mentioned the inner boss babe point first. No accident, when talking to founder Brittny Skylar, it’s the piece of the business puzzle that lights her up the most. Growing up with 4 sisters, she saw first hand how transformative beautiful make-up could be as it relates to confidence.

Flawless By Friday // Brittny Skylar // HEMM Vibes

It’s a tough world out there, with airbrushed models on every magazine cover it’s hard not to compare oneself.

Recognizing this at an early age, she became passionate about skin care and make-up. Often deemed a shallow industry, that’s not what it is to her. In our opinion, this generous, authentic intent is one reason why Flawless by Friday is wildly successful. With a plan to grow swiftly, we asked Brittny how she could be so fearless. Her response is that she cares less about the money or challenge and more about getting incredible products to market. Is she doing it with reckless abandon? No. Similar to when she started the company, knowing in her gut that she had an idea that made sense, she does her research, works tirelessly, and reaches out for help and mentorship. When she decided to take the leap, she quit her job, borrowed 5k and moved into her grandparents basement. Glamorous it was not, rewarding it was. Find out more about Brittny; her fitness routine and skin care recommendations and what to do in her now hometown of Toronto.

What is the first question you get asked when people find out what you do/what you've created?

How I got started. I get asked that one a lot and the story really isn't so glamorous.  It was a time when I didn't feel totally fulfilled at work, I opened a new PowerPoint document and started pasting pictures and quotes that inspired me. From there I just started writing down point form ideas that I had - seeing them in writing made them feel a lot more real.

What role do health and fitness play in your life? Tell us about your fitness routine

My fitness routine is all over the place.  I usually try to get to the gym 3-4 times a week, I always go in the morning because it makes me feel accomplished before 9am and I don't feel like there’s anything hanging over my head that I have to do after a full work day.  I think I’d be categorized as a lazy gym goer but for me if I can get there I'm happy.  Extra motivation: they have really good chocolate banana smoothies at my gym ;)

What is your skin care routine?

In terms of my skin care routine I like to focus on how different products work best at different times of the day in terms of our biology.  For instance, I’m constantly speaking about avoiding product in the morning that makes your skin sensitive to the sun. I also don't believe in a deep cleanse twice a day, I feel it is only necessary at night.  Also, if you do go to the gym it’s so important to make sure your skin is clean right afterwards to prevent break outs on your face and body.

Booster // Flawless By Friday // HEMM Vibes Blog
Gold Mask // Flawless By Friday // HEMM Vibes Blog

What should we be more aware of in regards to our skin's health?

I’m a huge advocate of sun health. Last week I was the biggest hypocrite, I put SPF50 all over my chest and face and missed an area of my back and went to the park.  I can't even tell you how horribly burnt my back was in a couple of hours.  I couldn’t sleep on my back all week and now I’m left with the most raw, sensitive, dry skin.  What happens beneath the surface of that is what scares me even more...so yes, I’m totally dramatic about sun care.

What do you recommend we do for our skin during workouts; for example, should we be taking our makeup off before spin class?

I definitely think if you can/have time you should go to your work outs without make up on to prevent the bacteria from getting into your pores.  However, if that’s not in the cards I highly recommend the first thing you do after your class is to give your face, chest and back a deep clean to prevent break outs.

What is one thing you wished more people knew impacted their skin's health or one thing you wished more people did for their skin?

Again definitely sun health.  People are aware but sometimes don't think of the long-term effects in terms of skin health and skin aging.  I wish more people exfoliated their skin and more people spent time relaxing and masking to help detoxify, balance and hydrate their skin. Hydrated skin is your best friend!

Tell us about Toronto, from your perspective. How does the city contribute to your brand and/or shape what you do?

grew up on a farm just north of Toronto so Toronto was always the cool big city a half hour away.  Now that I'm living and working in the city, my team and I are using the city as a really fun playground. We’re constantly checking out cool events, restaurants etc.  Toronto is very interesting because half the year most people are indoors and once the weather gets warmer people are everywhere being active and getting involved in all the city has to offer.  There are constantly new things popping up!

A must-do for first-timers and locals alike.

Distillery District for sure. There are also some amazing Mexican and Thai restaurants. I love La Hacienda, Pai and Bang Bang Ice Cream.

Favourite place to have coffee with friends.

Goldstruck Coffee on Cumberland.

Where to sweat.

Lagree. I don't get my butt there that often but I find I get the best results from those classes.  I’m starting to really like all things Pilates.

Best healthy restaurant.

Live. its right near my house and it's my go-to when I'm going out for dinner and trying to stay on the healthier side!

Best guilty pleasure restaurant/treat.

Anywhere I can get a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream :)

~Oil ∓ Grain for HEMM

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