How to relax into greatness and become alive

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Cassie Zaychuk At HEMM // Creator and Owner of Stillness & Surrender // HEMM Vibes Blog

What is the deepest part of yourself that wants to be brought alive?

What do you wake up and dream of? What do you wish to project? Who is the person you want to call in? These are questions that allow us to create a space where we are creating intention, were we are offering a space of curiosity, where we are able to listen. Develop an awareness, a depth within ourselves, where we can access this part of ourselves that needs to be brought alive. Where we can get excited about life, about everything that we get to experience, where we can see beauty in everything, and where happiness is our natural state of being.

One of the major factor that inhibits us from stepping into this space is our concept of safety within our body, central nervous system, and our subconscious. 98% of our population lives in a space a perpetual fight or flight. Because this is something that we have gotten use to as a culture and throughout our life, many of us have developed a tolerance and are completely unaware of the impact and level our subconscious, wounds, fears + trauma, motivates and creates our life. These are parts of ourselves that need to be seen, honoured and acknowledged. When you develop and retrain your self concept of safety, you can step out of paralysis and into a space of empowerment, where instead of shutting down and contracting you can offer a seat of compassion, love + safety. Where you choose to create a reality that supports you in being graceful in the least graceful moment. This requires us to build our resilience, new neutral pathways, and strengthen our central nervous system, because what we know in science today is that we store our trauma within our cells. To step into greatness, we need to look at the ways we step out of greatness + to see ourselves in our totally without judgement. As a witness, so we can grow, create reverence, sensuality, intimacy, and a sensitivity that brings out and coaxes the best version of who we are into existence, were we can be brought alive, into a space where everything we do becomes an act of creating, where our life becomes art.

Part of this is looking at the ways that we are stepping into ourself more fully in each moment. How do we breathe, move, speak ? Are we in alignment with what brings us alive. Are we embodying our radiance through each act of creating.

Cassie Zaychuk Smiling // Creator and Owner of Stillness & Surrender // HEMM Vibes Blog
Cassie Zaychuk Serious // Creator and Owner of Stillness & Surrender // HEMM Vibes Blog


Sit in easy pose, with you chin slightly tucked, not with your head towards your chest but in so the back of the neck and spine are elongated.

Bring your hands up over your head 6-8 inches away from the crown of your head. Palms are facing down. Hands are 12 inches away from one another. Creating a circular posture above your head. Allowing elbows to be slightly bent. And thumbs to relax downward.

Have your eyes 1/10 open.

Inhale 8 strokes.

Exhale 8 strokes.

Suspend breathe out for 16 breathes

While silently repeating the mantra


Repeating the breathe 8 times within this breathe cycle.

Continue for 11 minutes.

Bless yourself, tune into the mantra, your infinity. Allow yourself to feel loved, safe, and open to receive.

To end the meditation inhale raising your hands upwards and backwards, dropping the head back, and looking up. Exhale are relax the posture continue two more times.

You can do this meditation as a 40 day practice, to increase your intuition, self reverence, and create a space within where you radiate grace, sensitivity, sensuality, love, freedom, safety + creativity. A space where the deepest part of yourself are able to be seen, expressed, and strengthened within. Where you soften and allow your system to relax into greatness.

Sat Nam
Cassie Zaychuk

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