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Yoga & Pilates studio Junction9 challenged the norm this fall launching The Program, a month long bootcamp series led by Maven founder Sydney Guevremont. Participants had the option of doing Yoga + boot camp or Pilates + boot camp classes, committing to 4 classes a week for 4 weeks. The boot camp classes incorporated high intensity functional movement exercises using only body weight, designed to improve strength and aerobic capacity. When we think of Junction9’s space, the word sanctuary comes to mind, which is why we were so intrigued by this new sweat-filled, powerful program.

We love when studios can create a one-stop-shop for clients, so we jumped at the chance to talk to Junction9 Co-Founder Jilaine Beddoe & Maven’s Sydney about why they decided to collaborate and offer body weight training classes at a studio known for it’s yoga and pilates offerings.


From the get-go we envisioned our studio being a centrs with the focus on building and sustaining community, wellness, and connection.  In building and creating The Program we wanted to bring an element into the studio that would offer something different to our members and existing clients, and bring new students into Junction9. We wanted to offer something that would challenge individual’s views on what was possible, allowing them to see what they are capable of. Sometimes it takes doing something out of your comfort zone to show you how amazing, strong, and determined you truly are. As a Yoga & Pilates studio, we offer large group classes with the focus on flexibility, core stability, and building long lean muscles. Offering The Program gave us the opportunity to offer a strength, endurance, and strong cardio component to our clients.

"We wanted to offer something that would challenge individual’s views on what was possible..."

This was our first opportunity to focus on a full-body program with something for everyone and enough variation to keep it interesting and appealing to a wide audience. We offered it for 4 weeks as it gave people time to create a new habit and hopefully some of the participants will continue to prioritize themselves first thing in the morning, making their own health and wellness a daily priority.  Sydney was our first choice to lead the boot camp component! We wanted someone to compliment our already amazing team of instructors, and after following her Maven program for a few months and watching her build an amazing community of her own, it was a really easy choice. We can’t wait to do this again in the spring, maybe even some sunrise rooftop classes!  Thankfully we have our Phil and Sebastian stocked cafe for post workout premium lattes, often overheard post-class “need coffee now!”.

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I was so stoked when Jilaine approached me to collaborate on The Program at Junction9. They have such an incredible community and their studio atmosphere is a reflection of how much they care for the people coming through their doors. It's a beautiful space where people can do something for their minds and bodies, and connect with others.

We chose a program of bodyweight movements because it's one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your sweat on. Firstly, bodyweight workouts eliminate a LOT of the typical excuses we might make for putting off a workout - you don't need access to a gym, you don't need any equipment, it's just you and your body doing it's thang. Luckily for the participants of The Program, we had the opportunity to use a beautiful space, with the added bonus of getting workouts done with a committed group over the course of 4 weeks. Burpees have a way of creating a certain kind of bond ;). The bodyweight movements were also ideal for J9's members because many of them hadn't worked out with weights in a while, so it was a great way to kick start a fitness habit for those of them who typically do Pilates and/or yoga.

In general, bodyweight workouts are extremely efficient, they waste no time. No equipment means quick transitions to keep you moving and working more. Bodyweight workouts also tend to be higher in intensity which means you get a lot of work done (higher energy expenditure) in a shorter amount of time, AND you get the "afterburner" effect of continuing to burn calories for a few hours after your workout. Like any workout, you can really get creative with mixing up your movements, rep schemes, duration etc. to keep things fresh and challenging. Lastly - the thing most people want to hear - bodyweight exercise garners awesome results. Because it uses compound movements (multiple joints and muscles used at once), bodyweight exercises like push-ups and lunches have proven to be very effective in gaining strength and overall performance.

I don’t know about you but we’re convinced. Junction9 is looking at offering the program again in the spring; in the meantime, Sydney offers a great online bodyweight program through her company, Maven. You can access your workouts from anywhere which is great if you’re travelling over the holidays and she offers direct messaging with her, your coach, for support, accountability, and questions.

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