Under Pressure // Blog Takeover With Alexandra Orlando

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Alexandra Orlando // Under Pressure // HEMM Blog Takeover

How to slay this summer loving the skin you’re in

Every year Canadians coast to coast start to count down the days to summer when Mother Nature finally seems to smile down upon us with no chance of a freak snow storm coming our way. When spring actually hits and we can sense our fingers starting to thaw, every magazine cover and blog post seems to blatantly tell me I need to get my summer body game on. It’s this underlying pressure on women to slim down, tone up and be perfectly poised to rock a bathing suit as if we were coming off a vogue photo shoot.


Am I the only one that thinks this underlying pressure for us to ‘change’ ourselves for a season of Instagram photos is unhealthy?

Yes, when it’s hot we wear less clothing. Yes, when it’s hot we flock to the nearest body of water whether it be Lake Ontario (aka your closest outdoor pool), the Pacific coast or anywhere in between. We strip down and 90% of us (and most likely more) have an ‘I hate my body’ moment as we look at ourselves in that bikini. We have been conditioned to think we are supposed to be in the best shape of our lives for the summer. Setting us up to be disappointed and frustrated no matter what.


It’s exhausting carrying around this pressure. I have always struggled with being positive about my body – hiding myself under baggy clothing to mask how uncomfortable I was. It’s a weight I’ve carried around with me for many years and I’m so over it. I’m just now (in my late twenties) learning to appreciate and love the things that make me feel like a woman – that make me feel strong, including my cellulite. ☺

This summer, be kind to yourself and your body. Love the things that make you feel like you – those imperfections are what makes you unique. Recognize that we all have a summer body – no matter whether you’ve hit your fitness goal or not. It’s all about feeling good in our own skin in our own way.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, but it’s not about perfection it’s about liking that person staring back at you in the mirror. Take advantage of the awesome weather to get outside, get moving and find your confidence.

Trust me – You’ll surprise yourself if you just let all that pressure go.

Namaste, babes.


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