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If you’re anything like us you stare at your fitness instructor while your legs are shaking mid-squat thinking ‘how does he/she do this and look so happy’?! Followed by wow he/she’s in great shape and is getting paid to do something I’m paying to do… Maybe I should become an instructor?

As much as we want to tell you it’s easy, anyone can become an instructor… we can’t. Let us clarify; YES anyone can become an instructor as long as they come to the table with a passion for other people’s health and well-being, determination, authenticity and commitment. We did some research, asked instructors from various studios about what the instructor life entails and we were both surprised and not to find out that a lot goes into a one hour class.

Class planning, ongoing personal and skills development, playlists, choreography, and class promotion were commonly listed as part of an instructor’s regular routine. For those that do it full time, that’s a lot of constant hustle and for the ones who also have another full time job we were left wondering ‘where do they find the time’?

We always had huge respect for our fitness mentors, now that we have the inside scoop on what it takes to get on the mic and get to sweating we are bowing down.

If this sparked a little fire in your heart, auditioning to become a fitness instructor at your favourite studio might be in your future and we can help! We recently asked a few of Calgary’s studio owners 2 questions:

Question 1: What is the number one quality you look for in a potential instructor?

Question 2: What is your best piece of audition advice?

And their answers...

Jilaine Beddoe
Co-owner & Teacher
Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

Jilaine Beddoe Junction 9 // HEMM Vibes

Q1: I believe beyond anything we look for vulnerability through authenticity… is that two? Haha. We aren’t concerned about which school of yoga you’ve come up through, but how you’ve taken your training and made it your own. How you’ve woven the lessons, history and knowledge to be a backbone for your voice, your own voice, to relay that message to your students.

Q2: The best piece of advice I could give? Connect with the people in the room whether they’re owners of the studio, fellow teachers, members at the studio, or anyone else who happens to be there. The level of vulnerability around showing your authentic self as a teacher is so important. We all have different experiences from being on this earth and can all teach one another a thing or two about walking in different shoes. It’s not our responsibility as teachers to decide how our students receive our message; it’s about speaking from a place of honesty, truth and experience.

Joanna Magik
Co-founder, Branding & Marketing, Instructor

Joanna Magik Undercard // HEMM Vibes

Q1: Mature work ethic. (Respect for workplace and others, willingness to receive feedback and learn, meeting deadlines, showing up, taking pride in wor,k etc.). This significantly impacts your long-term success.

Q2: Go all in. Meaning; do your research and arrive to the audition knowing the role, and business, you are applying for — and arrive with fire; a fire in your belly to be the best you can be and the boldest version of your beautiful individual self.

Andrew Obrecht
Co-founder, Motivator

Andrew Obrecht YYC Cycle // HEMM Vibes

Q1:The number one quality we look for in a potential instructor (Motivator) is their desire to positively impact others. It’s one thing for your riders to believe you, and another for them to believe IN you because you believe in them in return.

Q2: My best piece of advice for an audition would be to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. Usually who you’re auditioning for wants to see and feel that connection with you. If you’re too concerned about moves or choreography instead of connecting with your room, it won’t be as powerful.

Kristi Stuart
Co-owner, instructor
Barre Belle

Kristi Stuart Barre Belle // HEMM Vibes

Q1: Our instructors are required to have dance experience, so that is technically number one, however just as important is personality.

Q2: Every class you teach is a mini performance. So show us who you are and have fun. Think about what you can bring into your audition that is going to make your personality shine through.

Oil & Grain for HEMM

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