Wellness Spotlight // Bone Broth 101 w/ The Gut Lab

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Hi! This is The Gut Lab - we're the new kids in (Canada) town. We make healing, nourishing Bone Broth using locally sourced, certified organic bones, organic veg and a whole lotta l-o-v-e. By gently simmering our bones for 20 hours in order to draw out all the magical goodness, your body is able to nourish itself to max level. From collagen, minerals, + amino acids, Bone Broth has you covered.

The Gut Lab // Bone Broth 101 // Hemm Blog

“Isn't this what my Grandmother used to make?" you ask. Yes, it is!

This liquid gold has been made since the days of old (we're talking really old), but it wasn't until recently that we started to look at the healing benefits of this ancient elixir.

So, what exactly is it good for and why do we want to drink it?

Welcome everyone, to Bone Broth 101 - let’s talk our fave 5 benefits.

We love Bone Broth for many reasons. It's the perfect friend to refuel post workout, aid in recovery post injury or surgery, to help Mom heal postpartum, and of course, to add to your daily routine for preventative health.

1. Hello Collagen!

Better than Botox, it’s super rich in collagen which is required for optimal health essentially everywhere in our body… from skin + hair to internal organs, ligaments, + joints... from the time we're in our mothers womb until we're old and grey.

2. Super Sealer

Sore tummy? It helps heal + prevent leaky gut by healing + sealing the mucosal lining of our small intestine. This can help immensely with common digestive issues, immune support, as well as auto-immune disorders such as Celiac's Disease, psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, + Crohn's Disease.

3. A Smooth Operator

It contains the amino acids needed to create and even rebuild worn out cartilage. It decreases inflammation + pain in our joints making them healthy, happy, + ready-for-adventure!

The Gut Lab // Chicken Soup Broth // Hemm Blog

4. Brain Food

It is also full of glutamine which is food for our brain! It can help those suffering with depression, anxiety, irritability, or mood swings. It can even help calm you before bed + sleep more soundly.

5. Refuel - Top Power!

Hey athletes - whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, it is the perfect way to refuel your body post workout. It helps stimulate muscle building + repair and provides your body with vitamins + minerals too (hello, calcium and magnesium!). Pretty much your go-to magic potion.

Our friends at HEMM are passionate about great health, and we know you are too - so thank you for hearing us out today. We’re super excited to be part of this active community, and truly look forward to sharing this beautiful, nourishing goodness (+ more healthy knowledge) with all of you in the time to come.

Class dismissed!

The Gut Lab

URL: www.thegutlab.ca
Email: hello@thegutlab.ca
Insta: @loveyourguts

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