Why Keeping A Diary isn’t Just for Kids

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How To Journal as an Adult

Our lives are filled with hidden gems of invaluable knowledge and essential insights. How will you remember them all if you don’t write them down? Yes, some of them will be burned into your memory (for good reasons or bad), but some less impactful moments risk being forgotten and might just hold the key to creating the biggest, most badass future for you. Not to mention the mental clarity and space creation it provides. Writing something down can be a tool for release. Write it down, get rid of it, empty it from your mind, and move on. Working through a conundrum? Write down all of the things that are swirling in your mind, take a break from it, go back and read it later. You’ll be more able to focus and use reason to navigate each issue and create solutions.

Writing in a journal // HEMM Vibes Blog

You don’t have to start each journal entry with “Dear Diary,” (unless you want to of course). In fact, there’s no right or wrong way to go about journaling as an adult (or as a kid for that matter). Simply write. Buy a pen and notebook you love to write with and in, we love Moleskins, and put pen to paper. There are a million theories on how you can be effective at journaling. Some theories suggest setting aside 5+ minutes a day in the morning to write about what you’re grateful for – a great way to start the day – and 5+ minutes at night to reflect on your day, ending it with a note about something you’re grateful for that day. Others suggest setting aside time once a week.

We suggest doing what works for you.

That’s right, do what works for YOU. It’s your journal after all! You don’t have to share it with anyone nor are you doing it for anyone else. So YOU decide what it looks like, when you do it and how it serves you.

More reasons to learn to love journaling = it’s a great tool for tracking your development. Life happens FAST #amiright?! Journaling allows you to track your progress. When you take a moment to read previous journal entries you get to check out what you’ve accomplished and gain insight into how you got to where you are now. It also helps you spot patterns and habits, both positive and unproductive. Learn from the missteps and use knowledge from the wins to create the future you want.

Journal on beside table // HEMM Vibes Blog

Journaling also gives you a platform to weigh pros and cons without hearing others give you their two cents. In addition it can help you get a good night’s sleep. Ever lay awake at 2am thinking about something? Keep your journal next to your bed and write down your thoughts instead of staying up until your alarm goes off. Get them on paper so you can look at them the next day and work through them.

An accountability tool, a vision booster, a safe space to declare your innermost thoughts, and can function as a to-do list. What other tool can say it does all that? That being said, life happens, so be sure to schedule in time to journal. If you don’t it won’t be a priority and it deserves to be one.

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