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Healthier in activewear // HEMM Vibes Blog

You know sweating daily is good for you. Besides keeping you mobile, strong, trim and toned it’s great for your mental health. A consistent exercise routine reduces stress, helps you sleep better, is mood boosting, improves memory and can have a positive effect on anxiety, and depression. So you not only know it’s good for you but you understand how important it is to fit into your weekly routine. And you also know that it can be hard to do when life gets busy.

Sometimes you don’t have time to drive to spin class, take class, drive home, shower and get ready. Other times your kids have one trillion activities that you have to take them to and again, you don’t have time to change after barre class when it’s your turn for carpool. Activewear to the rescue! “Athleisure” style isn’t going anywhere, likely because it’s a fashionable and functional trend. We asked some of our YYC concept store clients what holds them back from getting to class and compiled some tips on how to style your workout wear for a variety of pre/post sweat situations to make sure you get your workout in no matter what your day’s schedule looks like.

“I have a meeting after my noon workout and don’t have a lot of time to change.”

Choose a class that’s not overly sweat inducing. Think barre or gentle yoga vs. spin or boxing. Wear a pair of lustrous leggings (styles from Koral and Alo Yoga are great options) to work > class > back to work and to your meeting. Wear an oversized blazer and long tank/tee or long sweater over your leggings and voila, you’re ready for your meeting and you were able to get back to your desk a bit early from class to do last minute prep because you didn’t have to change your clothes. Accessories can dress this look up too, think statement earrings or a chunky necklace and boots or stylish loafers.

“I don’t want to leave class early but if I leave right after class I’ll barely have enough time to grab my kids and take them to soccer and ballet let alone change my clothes.”

If wearing a body suit to class is an option for you (it should be, they’re amazing) then rock one to pilates/lagree/yoga and toss a sweatshirt over it as you hustle your buns out the door once class has ended. Koral’s Jet Jumpsuit is our favorite, it’s made from compression fabric so holds it all in and performs well in sweaty situations. You don’t have to worry about your leggings sliding down or top flipping up because they’re attached! Any sweatshirt/pullover/jacket goes with it as well because it looks like you’re simply wearing sleek black leggings. Extremely versatile, you can also throw a loose tank over it or slouchy tee if you’re not 100% comfortable wearing spandex head-to-toe.

“I want to go to yoga before/after work or at noon but it’s just too much stuff to carry to/from the office.”

We’ve absolutely been “that woman” walking down the street, giant duffel slung over one shoulder, purse dangling from our wrist juggling a half unraveled yoga mat under the other arm. Not only is it a pain in the butt, it felt very un-stylish and a little un-professional when running into a co-worker.

Transience Yoga Bags // HEMM Vibes Blog
Transience Gym Bag // HEMM Vibes Blog

When we found beloved line Transience, it changed our world. Their Yoga Bag is fashionable and functional. Black leather and scuba material means it looks classy, won’t fade and is very easy to clean. It has a detachable strap for your yoga mat to hang from the bottom of it which means minimal fuss at the studio and you can even hit up a hot yoga class and your sweaty mat and towel can air out on the outside. Bags like this, that look good and function well, they’re the answer to this workout woe.

“I worry about wearing tight workout clothes in front of my co-workers or boss in class.”

We get it, it could feel a little awkward squatting in your crop top in front of Larry from accounting but don’t let this stop you from taking care of your health and wellness. Choose leggings that have solid coverage. Fabrics that have built in compression or are made for high-sweat activities are a great option. The tighter the weave, the less likely your tooshie skin will show in downward dog. Wear them with long, loose and high cut tops. You can always tie them up when you’re doing your thing at classes where your boss is nowhere in sight.

“I’m going for wine with the girls and don’t have time to change from work to workout to wine attire.”

We’re a little biased here since it’s pretty tough to get us to wear anything but leggings but…. leggings are SO appropriate for wine night with the girls! That being said, lets put together the rest of your outfit: Michi makes unique bras and crops that are intended to take you from studio to street. Layer it under a tank, toss a blazer and earrings on and arrive for a glass of red on time.

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